Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Cathleen Stone, founder of Living Harmony

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) Interviews Cathleen Stone, Living Harmony. Cat Stone is a Mentor, Teacher, Author, Blogger and world renowned Energy Practitioner. Her mission is to teach everyone how to release stuck energies – pain, frustration, stress, distress – so they can create the life, relationships, success and prosperity they love to live – in Living Harmony.

Creator of Living Harmony a process and toolkit for conscious creation, Cat shows her clients how to cut to the core of what is holding them back with a laser precision so they can release blocks and finally, fully experience their own true power.

Nicknamed the Queen of Release, she teaches and speaks globally on the link between the unseen world of energy within and around us and the actual reality we are living on a daily basis, and how we can easily harness all these powers to stop struggling as we learn to shift into abundant flow. Cat offers one-on-one sessions, group and corporate training, transformative classes, intensives and retreats around the world.

Mrs. Stone doesn’t just talk about abundance, she lives what she teaches having successfully applied the toolkit she created to consciously manifest complete healing of a traumatic neck injury, a successful business, marrying the man of her dreams, living in a luxury home and finally realizing a lifetime dream of becoming an avid skier.

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