Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Esther Surden, Publisher of New Jersey Tech Weekly

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews the publisher of New Jersey Tech Weekly, Esther Surden.

E. Surden Associates LLC is the publisher of New Jersey Tech Weekly, a new website at dedicated to covering technology topics in NJ. The mission of the website is to bring together the disparate segments of the technology industry in N.J. in the hope that synergies can be realized and more business can be done in the Garden State.

Esther Surden is the editor & publisher of, a veteran journalist who has written about the business of technology as well as how technology works for more than 30 years. She is currently a contributor at  and author of the blog, Tech and the Baby Boomer at Esther holds a M.S. in publishing from Pace University.

At the beginning of her career, Esther worked for Auerbach Publishing compiling Auerbach Computer Technology Reports at a fascinating time in the computer industry. She helped write reports about how modems worked and compiled statistics about some of the first microcomputers. Working under mentor  Jean Bartik, an industry pioneer who helped program the first stored-program computer, Eniac, at the University of Pennsylvania, Esther learned how to write about technology and began to follow the careers of some of the most important players in the industry.

Esther later joined  Computerworld, an influential newspaper for IT professionals, as its minicomputer editor. Computerworld was the baby of  Patrick McGovern, a publisher who foresaw the booming computer industry of the day. Esther covered the glory days of minicomputer makers Digital Equipment Corp. and Data General Corp. and initiated the newspaper’s first microcomputer section under the guidance of then editor E. Drake Lundell, Jr.

During the late 70s and early 80s, Esther worked for the Institute for Scientific Information, run by  Eugene Garfield, a pioneer in information technology who invented a unique method of citation searching. She never left her roots, however, and continuing to freelance for companies and newspapers in the computer industry. During this time Esther wrote numerous pieces for Data General, Digital Equipment, and Hewlett-Packard and freelanced widely.

Later in the 80s, Esther covered IBM at a time when it was the most powerful force in the computer industry having survived an antitrust suit. She wrote and edited a newsletter, published by Phillips Publishing, called Outlook on IBM. In this capacity Esther worked under under the guidance of Edith Holmes, another well-respected technology editor who has since moved into healthcare publishing.

As cellphones began to show promise of carrying data as well as voice traffic, another opportunity to write about the business of an emerging technology presented itself. Esther became editor of the newsletter Mobile Internet Devices and Services , a publication distributed to CEOs of telecommunications firms primarily in Europe where the revolution was occurring. Some of the articles in this newsletter are excellent historical documents showing how the business of providing data on cellphones has developed.

More recently Esther was a senior editor at Communications Business Daily, a former publication of  Warren Communications News. That publication looked at the business and regulatory issues surrounding the convergence of the Internet, telecom and information processing.

Over the years Esther has freelanced as a contributing editor for Wireless for the Corporate User (published by Probe Research, N.J.), a publication aimed at IT management and covering the wireless data industry. Other freelance clients have included: CEBIT America News, Retail Information Systems News, Consumer Goods Manufacturer, Reseller Management, Vertical Application Reseller, CRN, Datamation, BusinessWeek (OEM edition), Federal Computerworld, Working Smart Newsletter, International Business, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Current Contents, and a variety of newsletters published by NIBM.__________________________________

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