Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Jerome Robinson, Musician, Bass Guitarist

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Jerome Robinson, musician, bass guitarist.

Jerome Robinson is a self-taught musician who’s main instrument is the bass guitar.

Besides being a fan of Miles Davis, Jerome’s influences have usually been guitarist players (Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Alan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen and more).

Although Jerome started playing bass in 1977, he didn’t actually start taking it seriously until someone gave him a copy of Van Halen’s first album.

Listening to Eddie’s playing prompted Jerome take a close look at where he was as a bassist which can be heard in his writing and playing style.

These days if he’s not gigging or in the studio, you can usually find Jerome at an open jam somewhere.

Say’s Jerome, “jam’s are a great way to network with other musicians and you never know who’ll show up on stage.

One of the reasons I love attending open jams is I like being in situations where I don’t know what to expect musically or who to expect it from”!

Jerome Robinson’s website


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