Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Jonathan Brunson, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, Singer, In 5 Days…

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Jonathan Brunson, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, Singer, In 5 Days

In his own words:

I was Born in Philadelphia, PA, and my goal since childhood has been to entertain the crowd among me. No matter if on stage, or out in the street. At the age of 12, in Yuma, AZ, I took to the stage in my 1st real talent show singing “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell, and showing that I can sing!!! It wasn’t until Middle School/High School in CA, that I truly was bit by the acting bug. Through various plays and roles, the calling was truly mine as I embarked on the role of Inspector Ledeaux in Kopit & Yeston’s version of Phantom in 96 at University High School. From then on, I knew that performing arts was TRULY in my blood. After that, I moved to Chicago, IL. Where at Zion Benton Township High School, I acted in several plays/musicals, took on the debate team, until graduation in 1999. I then continued my journey into acting, and in 2002/2003 I got the chance to play Jon Williams in an indie feature titled, “Misguided.” 

I also pushed my singing by auditioning for shows such as American Idol, Making the Band, and the Voice. Within auditioning for Season 2 of The Voice, I landed a role in a short film called “Fine” by Ken Gallivan. In 2009, I sat in front of a computer, and suddenly, began creating a story. After 1 month, the story was printed and placed on my lap. After viewing the title page, I knew then that I was blessed with another gift, screenplay developing. After a new job in 2012, on a low work day, the idea of a thriller hit my brain. I designed the story in 2 weeks while working, but as I continued writing, it evolved into something bigger than I imagined!!! This creation is the very project I’m pushing to film bring to the masses!!! My goal, to create, complete and show this project to the public, and creating other ideas I have in mind. Taking a simple story and giving it more edge, more heart. Bringing something to the public that may have never been done before!!!

But, all in all, I’m just a man with a dream.


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