Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Omar Brown, Musician and Videographer

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Omar Brown, Musician and Videographer.

Omar was always fascinated with films and how they were made as a child. The movie that really got him hooked on wanting to make films was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Which is kind of weird because he is not a fan of chocolate.

His first exposure to film was when he got his first camera as a child during the 70′s. It was some 1978 Kodak Polaroid camera. Pictures was instantly developed at a snap of a button. He says he must have driven his grandparents crazy about going down to local Piggly Wiggly to get more film and flash bulbs. It wasn’t until he started high school when he discovered the Super8mm film camera.

Omar is currently living in Euclid, Ohio, but lived in Staten Island, NY previously. He came to New York from North Carolina to get his college education in communications, film and video at City College of NY and then he later went to Katherine Gibbs for more industry hands on experience teaching.

As technology evolved over the years, he tried to keep up with the times. He discovered that he had musical talent as well. He plays four different instruments and tries to incorporate each instrument in all of his films to keep himself grounded.

He is a freelance videographer for the City of Euclid and subcontract assistant broadcast engineer for city hall council meeting on their government channel. He has also worked as a videographer and editor for Ohio Penton Media’s various B2B publishing magazines, and other magazines & various organizations.

He has over 15 years of experience in video & editing productions and over 20 years with sound recording and mixing with various digital audio workstations.


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2 thoughts on “Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Omar Brown, Musician and Videographer

  1. Omar Brown

    I want to first say congrats on your podcast forum. It was and still is a GOD send for me and I am sure for others as well. I am truly grateful for you to take the time and interview little guys like myself. The time went by so fast and I felt like I was stumbling a little bit. If you want me to revisit this interview with me in the future, I will certainly be able and happy too.

    Your live podcast forum was a validation and encouragement for me to keep believing that what I am doing is what I must keep doing.

    Many Blessings too you,
    Omar Brown

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