Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Patty Lennon, Founder of Mom Gets A Life

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews women’s life and business coach, Patty Lennon, who is also the founder of Mom Gets A Life.

Patty is the Founder of Mom Gets a Life and the Mom Gets a Business Conference which will take place on April 25 2014.

Coach, crowdfunding expert, consultant, writer, speaker that focuses on helping women balance business growth with life goals, focus on mothers who are launching or growing businesses. Experienced crowdfunder. Hosting Mom Gets A Business Conference April 25, 2014. Experienced helping tech-adverse business owners understand how to incorporate social media, internet functions and blogging into their business. Mom Gets A Life is a multi-media company with a single mission: to ensure every mother falls as deeply in love with her own life as she is with her children. Patty believes that the more we love ourselves the easier it will be for our children to love themselves. It is Patty’s mission to support every mom who is ready to journey back to herself.

Patty says: “Your journey probably won’t look like mine. My hope is that you haven’t nor will you ever reach the pain level I did. But there are three things essential on your journey no matter what that journey looks like:
• Time to Relax
• Time to Reconnect
• Space to Reinvent

The moms that have worked with me in my private coaching practice have seen monumental shifts in their life and relationships but not every mom can afford high end private coaching and I want to make this work available to as many women as possible. I founded Mom Gets A Life to bring high end coaching to all moms at mom-friendly prices.”


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