Suzy Brandtastic Interviews Richard Oceguera, Founder and CEO of Richard Oceguera Coaching

Susan Newman (aka Suzy Brandtastic) interviews Richard Oceguera, founder and CEO of Richard Oceguera Coaching.

Richard Oceguera Author, Entrepreneur and Professional

Richard says:
“I believe business is all about making connections. And the key to building your business community is YOU. It is your ability to project a powerful presence that will attract people like a magnet. Unfortunately, most of us are not naturally charismatic or magnetic. In fact, many are downright inhibited when it comes to networking and speaking. I know I was and it limited my capacity to make real money. Luckily I saw the writing on the wall and made a mindset shift.

As a business owner you have a choice too: learn to overcome your inhibitions and unleash your most powerful you, or, continue to struggle in a sea of limiting beliefs. That’s why I launched my newest venture, Richard Oceguera Coaching. I’m now sharing 29 years of experience in sales, training, marketing, speaking and personal development via live events, training programs and private coaching. Everything I do is designed to show business owners and entrepreneurs the art of creating a powerful presence and how that leads to more connections and, ultimately, more money.

I can help you go from hiding in the shadows to commanding the spotlight with genuine confidence. I share the full story of how I went from being a wallflower with almost zero connections to an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of several six-figure businesses (including a Chamber of Commerce in NYC) in Convert Your Community to Cash: Monetize Your Connections. It’s a business handbook filled with my top tips on harnessing the power of your brain to create an empowered mindset and strategies for building your own sustainable business ecosystem. Connect with me at to learn more.”


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