Ready for Your Close-up?

Four years ago, I published my first interviews with successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories. 75 written brand interviews are now available. Broadcast Louder’s webinars now number more than 57, and my Suzy Brandtastic Interviews on Talkshoe Radio are at 95 and counting.

So, what is this all about and why do I do it?

It’s about widening business circles. In media communications they say that when you friend or follow someone, you are opening yourself up to meeting the people that person is connected to. On LinkedIn, when you sign in it shows: here’s how many you’re connected to, and here’s the outer reach you currently have.

Multiply that by different mediums and you can see this a great way to Broadcast Louder!

I am adding even more opportunities for you now. With thousands of listens and views, I want to send the audience to you!

The radio and soon live video interviews at key venue locations are now available for sponsorship. One sponsor per show. The live video and radio shows are ongoing, with one and sometimes two a week. Sponsors are featured on my websites, on the appropriate page with their logo, web link and phone number, and as a slide within the particular webinar presentation. Find out more by clicking on the logos below: